This year I made it to the Anual Burlesque Fest in Istanbul

This year I had to be there. To celebrate the 3rd anual Istanbul Burlesque Fest presented by my man Shai Shahar. The previous years I had been unable to attend, but that would not happen to me a third time. My man was already in Istanbul, working in club 360, so this was also a great opportunity to see each other again. It does get lonely when separated.

What we get back for it in return though is an adventures life and we love it. We love to travel to different places, appear on TV, newspapers, magazines and get invited to high places and class events. We love to entertain people and Shai did again what he does so well.


It is a totally different life for us in Istanbul and it can get vey busy. Let me show you for example some pictures of our Kingsday which we celebrated in Istanbul. As they say a picture says more than a thousand words,

The day started with a TV interview to promote the 3rd Anual Burleqsque Fest.
I was taking pictures with my tablet when I got invited to come sit on the couch, because Shai was talking about how I told him to go sing.

Click here for an impression  IMG_309751282001of Shai’s singing on this TV show.

The show was so popular and was seen by so many people that we got recognised on the streets when on our way to the next item on our agenda. We got stopped even by some young kids who told us that they wanted to be like us and wanted to be in a picture with us.

Next was the celebration of Dutch Kingsday at the Dutch consulate in Istanbul, by invitation only. Dresscode: “a touch of orange”. We had a good time and ended up in Klass magazine. Turkish high glossy magazine about the rich and famous.


After that it was to club 360 to have more Kingsday celebrations till late at night.


And where I did a photoshoot for one of the owners of the club who is now also importing Giant bikes. In Holland I ride a Giant as well, so I happilly supported his cause.

That was just one day….



And then there was more promotion to be done with Fay Loren,
another magazine,

promoting Burlesque

TV-BUrlesque   another TV show…watch it here.



The Burlesque Fest itself was packed, mainly because the lady on the right of my man Senem Selimi, did a great job promoting it. She is very professional and we love her to bits.



Shai was very entertaining and the whole show was a great succes.
  Click here for more pictures of each of the artist from Stanley T.

IMG_53210032928472 Irinaburlesque

 The next day we did it all over again,

 in a different dress of course….

IMG_0254mxc    IMG_0444mxc(1)

Did I tell you that the cheff cook and one of the owners Mike Norman is one of the ten best cooks of whole Turkey? His food is creative and very delicious.

 cooks-Ist  20140430_165727

Not to mention the drinks….
I had to dance it all off that night.

IMG_0242mxc  One of my favourite DJ’s: DJ Mustech.

IMG_52022868519455 The show got raving reviews. So see you next year!

You can’t afford to miss it!


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