Cora Emens is the best- known and most highly regarded ” sex ed” personality in the Netherlands.

She is widely hailed as “the sex coach of Holland”

Starting as an erotic performance artist in the mid 80’s she went on to learn the techniques of ” self loving” and  full body erotic massage from great healers and teachers including Betty Dodson PhD (R.I.P.), Joseph Kramer PhD and Annie Sprinkle PhD

In her more than 30 year career she pioneered the first female masturbation workshops, hosted her own 3 hour nationally broadcast radio show ” Let’s Talk About Sex”, produced the award winning video, ” Your Personal Touch”  which also earned her the Maria Magdalene Prize for best educational documentary at the San Francisco Sex Workers Film Festival.

She then went on to host the Dutch version of the popular British series ” The Sex Inspectors”  and has been a regular featured guest on the most watched talk and entertainment programs on every Dutch  national channel  including the very popular  Dutch series, ” Spuiten & Slikken” ( ” Shooting and Swallowing” ) sex and drugs info TV program, and has written a monthly column for Holland’s best selling woman‘s magazine ” Viva”.

As if that was not enough she has received the Viewer’s Choice award for her short erotic film at the Her Porn Film Festival,  Berlin, followed by her starring role in Petra Joy’s ” (S)he Comes” .

Cora has counseled ..and healed..thousands of clients, including hundreds of couples by way of her hands on, full body approach to sexual healing, and her gift for honest, empathetic, and wisdom filled advice based on a lifetime of experience, not just as a sex educator and tantric healer, but as long time wife, lover, and mother.”

My versatile career.

I consider myself a pionier. I like to explore my many talents and I can’t stand routine. This has led to many explorations and adventures in my life.

The following is a list of  is what I do recollect of my public life.


Homeschooled by Fluxes artist Willem de Ridder
Voice, [Trance) dance with Frank Natale and
workshops on sexuality with a.o. :

Annie Sprinkle PhD, Betty Dodson PhD and Joseph Kramer PhD.
Trainer/coach regatta sailing
Health and Domestic Science teacher.
Autodidact on sexology and sexcoaching.

stills from ” Spuiten& Slikken”

TV: [in Holland]

Het Perfecte Plaatje
Lauren en de Liefde 2017
Sex Academy 2014. RTL5
Sexcoach on “Beter in Bed”, RTL 4 & 5,   [Dutch version of The Sexinspectors] series of 8 shows in 2005, repeats in 2006 and 2007.
“Spuiten en Slikken”, BNN, countless times
“De Heetste Plekjes van Nederland”, august 1999

‘ Amsterdamse Inlichtingen Dienst” Interview about ” Your Peronal Touch” video release
“De Reunie” ,  KRO in 2005
“Het grootste taboe”, KRO:, oktober 2006
“De Week van Willibrord”, mei 1999
Amsterdam1, half hour special about my workshops and video “Your personal Touch”
Tatum en Jennifer, Veronica 1999
Head of jury of Miss pin-up contest, Veronica, 1999
“Spreekuur” , Tros, Life, one hour answering questions about sexuality
“De wallen op stap” SBS 6 -25min. Special about the making of
“De wallen op stap” SBS 6 -25min. Special about my works.(23% of all viewers in Holland)
And more….


Paul de Leeuw , National Secretaries Day 1998
“De “Nachtsuite”, RTL 5, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002
“Catherine Keyl” (5x)
“Goedele Liekens” (2x)
“Lief en leed” (2x)
1 hour Television Special with Willem de Ridder for Amsterdam Cabel (3x)
” KRO Het grote taboe”
Eva Jinek” over de Netflix serie ” Dirty Lines”

and more….

News shows:

“Jensen”, RTL 5,  september 2006
“Jensen”, RTL 5,  2008
“POW News”, several times
“Editie NL”, several times

TV  International

“Red light Blues” a documentary by Netz Productions.
“Dr. Susan Block-show”, HBO, VS, may 2001
“Sweet Talk” UK, 1999
“Venus TV”, Russia/Moscow, september 1999
“Eurotrash”, UK Channel 4, august 1999
“Peep” on RTL 2, Germany, a special about me and Shai Shahar  aired januari  1999
“Sex TV” , Toronto, about my courses and video aired december 1998


Airplay double LP ” CORA”
One year Talk Radio 1395 AM Hostess on my own 3 hour Sex programme once a week.
“Let’s talk about Sex” weekly 3 hour Talk Radio Show in 1997
Advice and help to get started: “Sex with Saskia” for Slam-FM
FunX, MyraTalk, Lust, BNN
De Ridder Radio in the early stages.
Radio 100, Amsterdam.
All Chemix Radio plays with Willem de Ridder- have been aired in:
Radiola Improvisatie Salon with Willem de Ridder

Radio Art:

Many Walks and Auto Derbies with Willem de Ridder in Holland and Belgium.
Auto Derby in California with Willem de Ridder 1985
Berlin Walk with Willem de Ridder and Alvin Curran 1986


Vagina Monologen, Eve Ensler, Luxur theater Rotterdam. read my monologue.
Tell me about Lust, Parktheater Eindhoven directed by Hanneke Kuypers
Pionering Erotic performance in discoteks such as “The RoXy”, “Mazzo”, “Rotown” and several other venues in The Netherlands on House Music starting 1986
One woman show twice in Bergen aan Zee 1989
Several performances in Paradiso
Several performances about Tantra
Several Music performances with FNTC
Several music performances with Gerard Kuster, o.a. Roots Festival 1991
Short perfomances in Burlesque shows in 2008 and 2009
Singing “Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps” in Burlesque show 2011Performing in theatre show “All about Lust” in 2010
Performing during Burlesque Freakout Show Amsterdam at Club 8 as Lady Godiva and Empress Katherine the Great of Russia.


Played  a part in International Documentary Challenge 2008 with Award winning documentary “Red light Blues” by Abrahami-Netz Productions
Documentary on 15/16 years-old girls about sex, love, and expectations by Anna Spohr
Stuntwoman for several movies from Peter Greenaway
Film on Tantra by John Dubbeld


“Your Personal Touch” which received the Maria Magdalena Award for best educational video in 2001 at the San Francisco Sexworkers FILM festival
SM video’s  with Shai Shahar
Music cult-video’s with FNTC
Pornvideo for John Tompson.
Prize winning short self directed film starring me “The Rose” on label of Petra Joy
Played mayor role in “She Comes” from Petra Joy
Played a part in the music video ” Faith”


The list is too long.
Oh Magazine as one of the sexual liberators of women, march 2016
In 2000 featured in HP de Tijd as the “Perfect Couple,
In Israeli newspaper Ma Arif as the “Ideal Couple”,
in a french magazine as the “Couple of the New Milennium”
Major magazines and newspapers, such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Viva”, “Telegraaf Vrouw”, “Elle”, “Grazia”, “Glamour”, “Esta” and many more…
Twice monthly colum about my sexcoaching in Viva in 2011 & 2012
Volkskrant april 2022 about ” Dirty Lines”


Although I did not have the patience to sit down and write my own, I did contribute to several books in English and in Dutch.
“Sextips” by Jo Anne Baker
“Sextipes & Tales from Women who dare” by Jo Anne Baker
“Als sex werken wordt”by Mariska Major
“Alles wat je moet weten over de Overgang” by Saron Petronilia
“Vrij met Seks” by Mirjam Scholten
Fearured in the books about 25 years of Dutch Dance” and “Mary go Wild”


2011, 2012 “Sexy4Life”
2011 Oral pleasures
2008 “Voor de Goede Minnaar” bij Mail&Female
2007 “LIEFDE versus HAAT” Lecture/workshop about the biochemical influence of sex for the “Faculteitsvereniging der Sociale Wetenschappen “ with Pras.
2006 voor de Endometriose stichting
S.I.T. Amsterdam [2x] {Student International Training]


Participated in the first erotic sex-line service in Holland with Willem de Ridder worked for 3 years as “Cora & Willem” in 1987
Started the first Kinky/SM and Lesbian 06 sexlines, 1987


Knorr TV commercial with Henny Huisman [1990]


Created in 2007
Created en in 2006
Created en in 2005
Founded [NASA] , the New Ancient Sex Academy:
Created  the first ever on-line sex-course about masturbation for women and men together with Shai Shahar in 1997:  sex4life
Featured on website about famous juicy Dutch  women: “Mokkels”


As a model I worked with some great photografers
Annie Sprinkle
Eric Kroll
Wink van Kempen
Jan Blankenstein
John Thompson
Victor Bergen Henegouwen
Henk Ross Artfoto’s
Andy Tan
and photografers for many magazines I was featured in over the years.


Release Double LP ” CORA” by Calax Records, Japan in 2021
Produced and recorded music for
Produced and recorder music with Shai Shahar and Rinus Groeneveld o.a. for TEOTWA
Recorded ‘Corcovado” with Shai Shahar and Clous van Mechelen
Experimemtal music and songs available trough internet, such as Soundcloud.
Recorded singing and music at Sacred Sites in Europe
Sang and performed with several modern music musicians such as Alvin Curran
Recorded singing and speaking voice with amplified sounds with FNTC
My music was first broadcasted by Willem de Ridder’s “Radiola’s Salon
van de VPRO in 1982
Studied sound and singing with Sjamaan Joska Soos


“Selfloving for women”
“Erotic Massage for couples”
“Sluts and Godesses”
“Jerking off” for “Mail& Female” and private parties
“Sexy4Life” for “Mail&Female”
“The Art of Cock pleasing”
For more visit

Workshops especialy designed for parties and events:

“Tantra” on Kama Sutra beurs , 2006, 2007
Workshops for women and couples in Love City in Israël
“1.2.3. XTC” for “Dance Valley” ,  Women Inc and other events
Oral sex for women on men, practised on Ice lollies at “Source on Ice”
Sexy4Life” for event about menopauze in 2012
“How to please your man” and “How to please your woman” for private parties


On 8-8-2008 hosting, presenting and concept of the first Redtent together with Afke Rijenga, followed by more and now a movement worldwide.


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