“Then you start to feel alive, your eyes twinkle.
I call it Pussy Power”

Sex coach Cora Emens shares her secrets

Last year I gave an interview for the English  Ladybeard Magazine about my role in “And the winner is…” for the movie  “She Comes” by Petra Joy.

You can order the whole Sex- issue here!

The Sex Issue

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The Sex Issue looks at sex – in the sexual, reproductive, romantic, mind-blowing, disappointing, traumatic, formative sense. We are raised to think that men and women are inherently different, that our gender is defined at birth, and that sex is the heteronormative act of penetration. This issue will challenge these assumptions, opening them up with atypical takes on the theme. Art, interviews, poetry and prose will address rape, porn, abortion, masturbation and race from fresh, feminist perspectives. This issue spans the sexual universe from erotica to ecosexuality, via the economic crisis. Get ready for the next big bang.


Aitan Ebrahimoff, Alex Cowan, Alexandra Gribaudi, Alison Bancroft, Alistair Morrison, Amanda Senneby, Andre da Loba, Andrea de la Concha, Annie Sprinkle, Barnaby Kent, B.V, Beth Stephens, Betty Dodson, Claire Milbrath, Cora Emens, D.H. Lawrence, Damon Heath, Dan Glass, David Austen, DENIM, Elana Schlenker, Eli Harris, Francesca Fattori, Freiya Benson, Gabriela Maj, Harry Clark, Holly Gupta, James Joyce, Jodie Matthews, Julia Riddiough, Katharina Bourjau, Kesiena Boom, Kevin Clarke, Kiki Ljung, Kim Andersen, Kitty Drake, Klaus is Koming, Lea Dohle, Leo Cookman, Linder, Louisa Dunnigan, Madeleine Dunnigan, Megan Hunter, Melina Antunes, Nicola Tyson, Oli Goldstein, Pavan Amara, Petra Joy, Rebecca Gomperts, Sadhbh O’Sullivan Sarah Roberts, Scarlet Evans, Seán Hewitt, Sh! Emporium, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Siana Bangura, Skye Skyetshookii, Stella Phipps, Stewart Helm, Suzi Godson, Tom Scotcher, Theopi Skarlatos, Thurstan Redding, Tyro Heath, Vince Dolly Dollotson, Violet Kudzanayi Hwami