I have been called THE Sex Coach of The Netherlands.
I am a professional coach in sex, love and intimacy with 30 years of experience.

I  had my own radio and Television show in the Netherlands and I am regularly featured and quoted by the national and international press in magazines, books and TV items.

I am avaliable for private consultations on appointment to singles and couples in person or through skype, as well as workshops and playshops, lectures, presentations and demonstrations. I can be booked for special events, ranging from private parties to parties and events on a grand scale.

I coach in sexual techniques, sexual awareness, selfloving, intimacy and making love.

With my coaching I take a holistic approach. Sex is not separate from the rest of our lives but is intertwined with the way we value ourselves, each other and life in general.
Sex is our basic energy from which everything else flows naturally. Shame, guilt and the lack of technique tend to stop our natural flow and keeps us from reaching our full potential in life. It is my goal to encourage free flowing energy and help you find your life’s purpose and celebrate your gifts.

I do travel and speak English.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the above or would like to ask me any questions.

Or if you would like to book a TEM [Taoistic Erotic Massage].


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