On 30-01-2022 Japanese Gallery Toki-No- Wasuremono Wrote an article about me:

You can read it here.

My double LP ” CORA ” got some Airplay thanks to Calax Records

The list keeps on growing….

On 11-12-2021 My LP got some more airplay on:

130701 A Dream Across The Border By Dave Howell from FatCat records, U.K.
You can listen back to this show on soundcloud Fatcat records

He wrote: “It’s so great to discover lost gems like this album. I love the very loose, almost drowsy warmth of these tracks and the somehow smoky scent of desire that seems to linger and hang throughout the tracks. It’s incredibly appealing. Seems like this past entwines really nicely with a lot of similarly fluid and hazy contemporary music being made in the margins”

You can listen to samples and order now!!!!!